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Portfolios dos artistas

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Antonio Saura

Antonio Saura (1930 - 1998) - Spain (Huesca)

Antonio Saura (Huesca, 22 de setembro de 1930 — Cuenca, 22 de julho de 1998) foi um artista plástico espanhol, irmão do diretor de cinema Carlos Saura e tio do produtor cinematográfico Antonio Saura. É considerado um dos maiores artista da Espanha nos últimos 50 anos. Mais......

Lluis Borrassa

Lluis Borrassa (1375 - 1425) - Spain (Girona)

Lluís Borrassà ou Luis Borrassa (Gerona, cerca de 1360 — Barcelona, cerca de 1425) foi um pintor gótico catalão. Filho de uma família de artistas de Gerona, onde foi formado. Em 1383 estabeleceu-se em Barcelona, onde criou um grande estúdio, com os assistentes e discípulos. É considerado o introdutor do estilo Gótico Internacional da Catalunha. Pin......

Xavier Valls

Xavier Valls (1923 - 2006) - Spain (Barcelona)

Xavier Valls Subirà (1923–2006) was a Spanish painter who lived in Paris most of his life. He specialised in still lifes. His work can be found in museums in Spain. He was the father of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Xavier Valls was born on 18 September 1923 in Barcelona, Spain. His father, Magí Valls, served on the editorial board of El Matí......

Vicente Masip

Vicente Masip (1475 - 1545) - Spain (Andilla)

Juan Vicente Masip (em catalão: Joan Vicent Masip 1475 — 1545) foi um pintor espanhol do período renascentista, considerado um dos expoentes da escola de pintura de Valência. O seu filho, Juan de Juanes, foi extremamente influente durante o seu período de maturidade e, na opinião de alguns historiadores, muitas das obras que são atribuídas ao pai n......

Alejandro Obregón

Alejandro Obregón (1920 - 1992) - Spain (Barcelona)

Alejandro Obregón Rosės (4 June 1920 – 11 April 1992) was a Colombian painter, muralist, sculptor and engraver. Obregón was born in Barcelona, Spain, the son of a Colombian father and a Catalan mother. The Obregón family owned a textile factory in Barranquilla, Colombia. Most of his childhood was spent in Barranquilla and Liverpool, England. After ......

Benjamin Palencia

Benjamin Palencia (1894 - 1980) - Spain (Barrax)

Benjamín Palencia (Albacete, 1894 — Madrid 1980) foi um conhecido e influente pintor contemporâneo espanhol que, junto com o escultor Alberto Sánchez Pérez, fundou a Escola de Vallecas. Quando atingiu os 15 anos, muda-se para Madrid, onde iniciou a sua formação e conheceu pintores como Salvador Dalí, Rafael Alberti, Pancho Cossío e Federico García ......

Francisco Bores

Francisco Bores (1898 - 1972) - Spain (Madrid)

Francisco Bores (Madrid, May 6, 1898 - Paris, May 10, 1972) was an important figure of twentieth-century European art. His presence was fundamental in the second wave of Spanish artists who arrived in Paris in the 1920s, in which he included Pablo Picasso, Ginés Parra, Pedro Flores, Antoni Clavé although in his own country he was not really recogni......

Antonio Carnicero Y Mancio

Antonio Carnicero Y Mancio (1748 - 1814) - Spain (Salamanca)

Antonio Carnicero (1748–1814) was a Spanish painter of the Neoclassical style. In addition to his paintings, over the course of his career he also produced prints and engravings as well as creating theatrical decorations. Carnicero was born in Salamanca on 10 January 1748. His father, the sculptor Alejandro Carnicero, went to the court of Madrid in......

Bartolomé Ordóñez

Bartolomé Ordóñez (1480 - 1520) - Spain (Burgos)

Bartolomé Ordóñez (c. 1480 – 6 December 1520) was a Spanish Renaissance sculptor. Little is known about Ordóñez before the last five years of his life. His will indicates that he was an hidalgo born in Burgos, and that he had a sister named Marina in that city. Assuming this is correct, he would have grown up amidst the first flowering of the Spani......

José De Creeft

José De Creeft (1884 - 1982) - Spain (Guadalajara)

José Mariano de Creeft (1884-1982) was a Spanish-born American artist, sculptor, and teacher known for modern sculpture in stone, metal, and wood, particularly figural works of women. His 16 ft bronze Alice In Wonderland climbing sculpture in Central Park is well known to both adults and children in New York City. He was an early adopter, and promi......

José Benito Churriguera

José Benito Churriguera (1665 - 1725) - Spain (Madrid)

José Benito de Churriguera (21 March 1665 – 2 March 1725) was a Spanish architect, sculptor and urbanist of the late-Baroque or Rococo style. He was born in Madrid to a Catalan cabinetmaker, gilder and altarpiece joiner, Josep Simó Xoriguera i Elies and to doña Maria de Ocaña, and studied under his father along with two of his brothers. His excessi......

Antonio Bisquert

Antonio Bisquert (1596 - 1646) - Spain (Valencia)

Antonio Bisquert Pérez (June 29, 1906, Valencia - June 8, 1990, Madrid) was a Spanish painter and restorer. He participated in the Junta for the Preservation and Protection of Spain’s Artistic Treasures during the Spanish Civil War. Antonio Bisquert Pérez was born in Valencia in 1906 and manifested an artistic vocation already in his childhood. In ......

Eugenio Hermoso Martínez

Eugenio Hermoso Martínez (1883 - 1963) - Spain (Fregenal De La Sierra)

Eugenio Hermoso Martínez (Fregenal de la Sierra, February 26, 1883 – Madrid, February 2, 1963) was a Spanish painter active in Badajoz. He was a professor of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, and a contemporary of Benito Arias Montano and Juan Bravo Murillo. Hermoso was a student of Gonzalo Bilbao and José Jiménez Aranda in Seville......

Enrique Martinez Cubells

Enrique Martinez Cubells (1845 - 1914) - Spain (Madrid)

Salvador Martínez Cubells (9 November 1845, Valencia – 21 January 1914, Madrid) was a Spanish painter and art restorer, who specialized in history painting and Costumbrismo. He received his first art lessons from his father, Francesco Martínez Yago (1814–1895), who was also a painter. Among his first works was "Baile de labradores" (Peasants' Dance......

Juan Ribalta

Juan Ribalta (1597 - 1628) - Spain (Valencia)

Juan Ribalta (1597 – October 1628) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque period. He was born and died in Valencia. His father, Francisco Ribalta, was a famous painter, active in the style of Caravaggio. Some sources said he was born in Madrid and later moved to Valencia. His mother Inés Pelayo died in 1601. Juan's works and style are similar to that......

Eugenio Cajes

Eugenio Cajes (1575 - 1634) - Spain (Madrid)

Eugenio Caxés (1574/75 – 15 December 1634) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque period. He was born into a Florentine family in Madrid, and wrote his name in a variety of ways (Cajés, Cazés, Caxesi, and Caxete). His father, Patricio, was a disciple of Alessandro Allori and was recruited to Spain by the ambassador Luis de Requesens. Caxés painted in......

Federico Castellon

Federico Castellon (1914 - 1971) - Spain (Isla De Alborán)

Federico Castellón ((1914-09-14)September 14, 1914 – (1971-07-29)July 29, 1971) was a Spanish-American painter, sculptor, printmaker and illustrator of children's books. Castellón was born on Isla de Alborán, Spain, studied in Madrid and Paris and settled in Brooklyn, New York. Federico Cristencia de Castellón y Martínez, better known as Federico C......

Carlos Saenz De Tejada

Carlos Saenz De Tejada (1897 - 1958) - Spain (Madrid)

Aurelio Arteta

Aurelio Arteta (1879 - 1940) - Spain (Bilbao)

Aurelio Arteta Errasti (2 December 1879, Bilbao - 10 November 1940, Mexico City) was a Basque painter who worked in several styles including Symbolism, Cubism and Social Realism. He is remembered mostly for his murals. His father was a farmer and laborer. He began his artistic education at the School of Arts and Crafts in Bilbao. In 1894, his famil......

Pedro De Camprobín

Pedro De Camprobín (1605 - 1674) - Spain (Almagro)

Juan Martinez Abades

Juan Martinez Abades (1862 - 1920) - Spain (Gijón)

Juan Martínez Abades (7 March 1862, Gijón - 19 January 1920, Madrid) was a Spanish painter in the Naturalist style, who specialized in seascapes and other maritime scenes from the Cornisa Cantábrica. He was also a talented song writer and semi-professional singer His father was an industrialist and he received his secondary education at the Real In......

Francisco De Solís

Francisco De Solís (1620 - 1684) - Spain (Madrid)

Antonio Fillol Granell

Antonio Fillol Granell (1870 - 1930) - Spain (Valencia)

Antonio Fillol Granell (3 January 1870, Valencia - 15 August 1930, Castellnovo) was a Spanish painter in the Social Realist style known for his depictions of the people and customs of Valencia. His father was the owner of a small shoe shop, where he worked when he was a boy, using his spare time to pursue his artistic interests. Eventually, his fam......

Manuel Benedito Vives

Manuel Benedito Vives (1875 - 1963) - Spain (Valencia)

Albert Ràfols-Casamada

Albert Ràfols-Casamada (1923 - 2009) - Spain (Barcelona)

Albert Ràfols-Casamada (2 February 1923 – 17 December 2009) was a Catalan painter, poet and art teacher involved in the vanguard movements of his time. He is considered one of the most important, multifaceted Catalan artists of his time. His artwork began in the post-expressionist, figurative sphere but soon developed into his own abstract style gr......

Narciso Tomé

Narciso Tomé (1690 - 1742) - Spain (Toro)

Narciso Tomé (1690–1742) was a Spanish architect and sculptor of the late-Baroque or Rococo period. Born in Toro. With his brother, Diego, he sculpted in 1715, the facade of the University of Valladolid. In 1721, he was named master of the cathedral of Toledo, for whom he constructed the famous Altarwork, the Transparente (1721–1732), and example o......

Julio Peris Brell

Julio Peris Brell (1866 - 1944) - Spain (Valencia)

Julio Peris Brell (29 January 1866 – 9 December 1944) was a Valencian painter. Peris Brell's paintings are distinguished by the power of his technique for analysing and translating different light aspects, specially in landscapes genres, portrait and still life. Julio Peris Brell was a Valencian painter born in the street ‘En Bany’ of València, Spa......

Ignacio Díaz Olano

Ignacio Díaz Olano (1860 - 1937) - Spain (Vitoria)

Juan Romero

Juan Romero (1931 - 1802) - Spain (Madrid)

José Mongrell Torrent

José Mongrell Torrent (1870 - 1937) - Spain (Valencia)

Carlos Alcolea

Carlos Alcolea (1949 - 1992) - Spain (Madrid)

Nicanor Pinole

Nicanor Pinole (1878 - 1978) - Spain (Gijon)

Rafael De Penagos

Rafael De Penagos (1889 - 1954) - Spain (San Fernando)

Blas De Ledesma

Blas De Ledesma (1556 - 1598) - Spain

Blas de Ledesma (floruit 1602-1614) was a Spanish painter of the reign of Philip III. He is mentioned by Pacheco as a successful imitator of the frescoes of Julio and Alessandro. More......

Arturo Souto

Arturo Souto (1902 - 1964) - Spain (Pontevedra)

Josep Mompou Dencausse

Josep Mompou Dencausse (1888 - 1968) - Spain (Barcelona)

Ovidio Murguía De Castro

Ovidio Murguía De Castro (1871 - 1900) - Spain (Lestrove)

Joaquin Mir Trinxet

Joaquin Mir Trinxet (1873 - 1940) - Spain (Barcelona)

Mariano Barbasan

Mariano Barbasan (1864 - 1924) - Spain (Zaragoza)

Antonio Muñoz Degrain

Antonio Muñoz Degrain (1840 - 1924) - Spain (Valencia)

Jose Maria Lopez Mezquita

Jose Maria Lopez Mezquita (1883 - 1954) - Spain (Granada)

Rafael Estrany

Rafael Estrany (1884 - 1958) - Spain (Barcelona)

Cecilio Pla Y Gallardo

Cecilio Pla Y Gallardo (1860 - 1934) - Spain (Valencia)

Baldomero Romero Ressendi

Baldomero Romero Ressendi (1922 - 1977) - Spain (Sevilla)

Julio Vila Prades

Julio Vila Prades (1873 - 1930) - Spain (Valencia)

Genaro Lahuerta

Genaro Lahuerta (1905 - 1985) - Spain (Valencia)

Salvador Tuset Tuset

Salvador Tuset Tuset (1883 - 1898) - Spain (Valencia)

Segundo Matilla Marina

Segundo Matilla Marina (1862 - 1937) - Spain (Madrid)

Jose Navarro Llorens

Jose Navarro Llorens (1867 - 1923) - Spain (Valencia)

Gillermo Gomez Gil

Gillermo Gomez Gil (1862 - 1942) - Spain (Málaga)

Alfonso Fraile

Alfonso Fraile (1930 - 1988) - Spain (Madrid)

Alberto Pla Y Rubio

Alberto Pla Y Rubio (1867 - 1937) - Spain (Valencia)

Luis Graner

Luis Graner (1867 - 1929) - Spain (Barcelona)

Eduardo Chicharro Agüera

Eduardo Chicharro Agüera (1873 - 1949) - Spain (Madrid)

Francisco Pons Arnau

Francisco Pons Arnau (1886 - 1953) - Spain (Valencia)

Victor Moya Calvo

Victor Moya Calvo (1890 - 1972) - Spain (Valencia)

Emilio Sala Y Frances

Emilio Sala Y Frances (1850 - 1910) - Spain (Alcoy)

Anselmo Miguel Nieto

Anselmo Miguel Nieto (1881 - 1964) - Spain (Valladolid)

Gabriel Morcillo Raya

Gabriel Morcillo Raya (1887 - 1973) - Spain (Granada)

Jose Bardasano Baos

Jose Bardasano Baos (1910 - 1979) - Spain (Madrid)

Fernando Cabrera Canto

Fernando Cabrera Canto (1956 - 1937) - Spain

Luis Graner Arrufi

Luis Graner Arrufi (1863 - 1929) - Spain (Barcelona)

Joan Roig Soler

Joan Roig Soler (1852 - 1909) - Spain (Barcelona)

Francisco Gimeno Y Arasa

Francisco Gimeno Y Arasa (1858 - 1927) - Spain (Tortosa)

Gabriel De La Corte

Gabriel De La Corte (1648 - 1694) - Spain (Madrid)

Rigoberto Perez Soler

Rigoberto Perez Soler (1896 - 1968) - Spain (Alcoy)

Luis López Y Piquer

Luis López Y Piquer (1802 - 1865) - Spain (Valencia)

Joan Mates

Joan Mates (1370 - 1431) - Spain (Vilafranca Del Penedes)

Juan De La Corte

Juan De La Corte (1597 - 1660) - Spain (Madrid)

Emilio Freixas

Emilio Freixas (1899 - 1976) - Spain (Barcelona)

Diego Valentín Díaz

Diego Valentín Díaz (1586 - 1660) - Spain (Valladolid)

Pedro De Moya

Pedro De Moya (1610 - 1660) - Spain (Granada)

Clemente De Torres

Clemente De Torres (1662 - 1732) - Spain (Cadiz)

Jerónimo De Bobadilla

Jerónimo De Bobadilla (1547 - 1605) - Spain (Medina Del Campo)

Jaume Baço Jacomart

Jaume Baço Jacomart (1410 - 1461) - Spain (Valencia)

Lorentz The Younger Pasch

Lorentz The Younger Pasch (1606 - 1670) - Spain (Sevilla)

Jusepe Martínez

Jusepe Martínez (1600 - 1682) - Spain (Zaragoza)

Antonio Viladomat Y Manalt

Antonio Viladomat Y Manalt (1678 - 1755) - Spain (Barcelona)

Bernardo López Y Piquer

Bernardo López Y Piquer (1801 - 1874) - Spain (Valencia)

Juan De Arfe

Juan De Arfe (1535 - 1603) - Spain (Leon)

Juan Del Castillo

Juan Del Castillo (1590 - 1657) - Spain (Seville)

José Piquer Y Duart

José Piquer Y Duart (1806 - 1871) - Spain (Valencia)

Pedro Anastasio Bocanegra

Pedro Anastasio Bocanegra (1638 - 1689) - Spain (Granada)

Jorge Manuel Theotokopoulos

Jorge Manuel Theotokopoulos (1578 - 1631) - Spain (Toledo)

Juan Martín Cabezalero

Juan Martín Cabezalero (1633 - 1673) - Spain (Almadén)

Pedro Mena Y Medrano (Pedro De Mena)

Pedro Mena Y Medrano (Pedro De Mena) (1628 - 1688) - Spain (Granada)

Juan Simón Gutiérrez

Juan Simón Gutiérrez (1634 - 1718) - Spain (Medina Sidonia)

Luis De Carbajal

Luis De Carbajal (1531 - 1618) - Spain (Toledo)

Francisco Miralles Galup

Francisco Miralles Galup (1848 - 1901) - Spain

Manuel Garcia Y Rodriguez

Manuel Garcia Y Rodriguez (1863 - 1925) - Spain

Alonso Perez

Alonso PerezAlonso Perez Spain

Master Mateo

Master Mateo (1161 - 1217) - Spain

Rodrigo De Villandandro

Rodrigo De Villandandro (1588 - 1623) - Spain

Master Of The Catholic Kings

Master Of The Catholic KingsMaster Of The Catholic Kings Spain

Master Of Budapest

Master Of BudapestMaster Of Budapest Spain

Juan Reixach

Juan ReixachJuan Reixach Spain

Master Of Avila

Master Of AvilaMaster Of Avila Spain

Juan Bautista Cuiris

Juan Bautista CuirisJuan Bautista Cuiris Spain

Jan Van Roome

Jan Van RoomeJan Van Roome Spain


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